Oh look, we're in the news again.

Or, what Mike Stratton did between his holidays.

Hmm. Annoyed. Flat inspection Wednesday. The place looks like a building site - although to be fair this is partially because it actually is a building site. I'm busily throwing stuff out. Some of it's not mine, but there you go.
ah yes, i remember, that's what you do. well i can't think of anyone else i know for whom i'd feel safer about them having access to the human genetic code. if that didn't sound like a trustworthiness-related compliment try rearranging the words, as it was meant to.

not to be interfering at all ~looks round warily~ but i certainly don't envy you having to clean that house of yours... :S
Patents Prevented
> We stuck it all up on the web to prevent patenting.

Which, I should just mention, was very cool. Thankyou, anyone and everyone who participated in that decision.

Mike Stratton?
The guy who did two of my tattoos was of the same name... presumably a small and uninteresting coincidence though.

Re: Mike Stratton?
Well . . . did he strike you as maybe being a genetics professor in his spare time? Maybe it was the same guy.
Re: Mike Stratton?
Genetics experiment maybe... the kind from a bad B movie.

He screwed my second tattoo (2nd by him) up quite badly actually, he changed the design halfway through without really asking me first - which I wasn't too happy about, as I'd spent a few months drawing and re-drawing it before going in to have it permanently scratched into my hide.

I'm more or less at peace with it now - you don't have a huge range of choices with a piece of blackwork that covers half your upper arm - like it or hate it, it'll still be there every morning - but I would be happier if he'd done the piece I took in with me *wry smile*

Annoyed. Flat inspection Wednesday.

I'm going to be home probably from about 4.30 on Tuesday evening, so can get some tidying done then. I can be around Wednesday too - will take it as a day's holiday. *hugs*
Well, as I say there isn't all that much needing doing. The place actually being a building site is one hell of an excuse.
well, I'll do whatever does need doing when I get back.
And one of these days I might actually start behaving as though I live there, rather than just storing things there and being an occasional visitor.
Damn boyfriends with convenient city-centre flats!