I was meaning to say hello to the two returnees, but before I could one of them disappeared again. Hello, returnee. Good to hear from you, even if somewhat minimally.

Sometime last week I was commenting on a pair of trousers I had a very long time ago that I always just say "fit me last time I tried them on". I'm sure many of you are familiar with this. They've been gathering dust in a cupboard for about ten years.

You can tell which way this is headed, can't you?

I tried them on. They actually fit rather well. Better than they did last time, actually. I think I might even need a belt. I'm quite chuffed.
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No, you're an extra one. Three returnees! Ahahahahaha!</TheCount>

Welcome back. Sounds like you had quite a trip. I do hope there are some further details you can regale me with when we next meet? I wouldn't like to think you'd wasted it all on LJ.