I was meaning to say hello to the two returnees, but before I could one of them disappeared again. Hello, returnee. Good to hear from you, even if somewhat minimally.

Sometime last week I was commenting on a pair of trousers I had a very long time ago that I always just say "fit me last time I tried them on". I'm sure many of you are familiar with this. They've been gathering dust in a cupboard for about ten years.

You can tell which way this is headed, can't you?

I tried them on. They actually fit rather well. Better than they did last time, actually. I think I might even need a belt. I'm quite chuffed.
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In a wierd piece of syncronicity I was being chuffed that I can still wear a pair of jeans I bought in 1986. I should fish out the Tom Robinson pair sometime!
Not bad. This pair are nearly ten years younger. And yes, the Tom Rob pair deserve an outing.
I think I may have to up my jean size from 30 to 32 soon :(

Either that or make a concerted effort to get out to more clubs :)
hopefuly see you there :)

I am tryign to do the more clubs things too, but more for socialising than exercise..although not runnign out of breath on the second song i dance to would be nice!
I did that twenty years ago. It's no hassle. Don't worry about it.
I had that happy experience on returning to England. Then xmas & new year happened 8-/
I tired not to let them happen too much. For other reasons. This is just a happy side-effect.
No, you're an extra one. Three returnees! Ahahahahaha!</TheCount>

Welcome back. Sounds like you had quite a trip. I do hope there are some further details you can regale me with when we next meet? I wouldn't like to think you'd wasted it all on LJ.
I lost loads of weight *before* getting dumped, and have since put it all back on again...
That has its good points too. I always thought I could just reply to any criticism by pointing out that while *some* people were dietting, I'd been eating the pies. All of them. Every last one. And who did they think had a better time of it?

There's always a good side to look on.
I've mostly been eating all the Green-and-Blacks chocolate. :-)

Well, you never know when there might be a world shortage. Best to make the most of it now, while there's still some left...
Absolutely. You'd never forgive yourself otherwise. And the big cheesy grin's very attractive.
No, not much of an ice cream fan... although if I *had* to eat ice-cream, I suspect that Green and Blacks would be the one to go for!
Wow. Wish I could say the same.

My PVC old jeans are still lurking and taunting me.