Bodies in motion and at rest.

Mostly for my own future reference, really.

On my way down to London last summer I listened, somewhere more than halfway down the A1, to Ed Begley Jr and others, on Radio 4, reading an adaptation from the writings of Thomas Lynch, an undertaker, poet and essayist from Michigan. It was very good indeed and I decided I must find some on paper. I still must, especially now that I have a note of the writer's name.

No luck tracing Kaija so far.
Hmmm, an undertaker called Lynch...almost as good as the funeral Director Herr Adolf Tot, such a good name that the fact that he's also a Kieler seems almost superfluous.. 8-)
I see she is now a member of the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

But no no other trace I can find of her.
Indeed. That's about as far as I got. Annoyingly, last year or the year before I was meaning to mail her and actually did manage to find out where she was working before getting distracted and forgetting.
...with a quality pseudonym, too.

Anita Mannfor McGroyne


That's a good point. I'd seen that but mentally filed it under the 1993 date, which would make it almost certainly useless. But they might also be a possible. Cheers.