"swivel-eyed loons"

I remembered to vote on the poll for the policy they won't like.
Good point. I have also. Now, if we can just find another 400 right-thinking people, we'll be ahead.
Hmm. I can't actually see any means to vote. Perhaps they've smelled a rat. However, also from their front page:


Seems we really are a nation of shopkeepers.
I don't feel that I can yet vote in that poll, given it's current wording. The poll claims that EU lawmakers are unelected, but I don't actually know whether or not that is true; as far as I can tell the EU parliament sets EU law, but the UKIP might know something about that system that I don't. Certainly, if the EU lawmakers were unelected bureaucrats as claimed then I wouldn't feel that they had the right to make laws which affect me, however I would then be taking issue with a lack of democracy within the EU, rather than with the UK's EU membership per se which I regard as a Good Thing.
No, you're missing the point. Don't vote after careful consideration of the issues, vote after working out which of the options the UKIP doesn't want you to vote for. If I was having a serious discussion about this with a serious political party I would act differently. But this is UKIP.
Don't vote after careful consideration of the issues

So what is the point of the exercise then?
Given it's an informal poll that has no actual bearing on anything, the point is to piss the UKIP off royally.