I remember hearing for a long time when i'd never seen it that MTV2 was pretty good. By the time I did, of course, it had gone downhill. It's redeemed itself now, though - they just played the videos for two songs I didn't even know had videos : Debaser and Could You Be The One? What happened to Greg Norton? And what happened to his moustache? That man was a serious rival to Tracey. I wonder if anyone ever saw them together? Maybe Tracey didn't pile his bike up after all, but got a job in an American hardcore band.

In other news . . . Strawberry fair was fun, but not fantastic. I got beaten and robbed at an early stage by a marauding bookstall, though.

Ooh. That Bobby Conn video's on again. Fucking strange. Hang on, I'm just going to watch it . . .

Mmm. Odd. I've a feeling that Bowie's got him on on the South Bank. I'm not going to make the concerts there that I wanted to, because they both clash with the Calling, and I can't beg off these ones, for compelling reasons.

Anyway, where were we? Yes. It's been a fairly booky day. Last night I bought a couple of books in a proper bookshop, and today I bought no fewer than five at a stall and another three on Amazon. One of the latter is On, by Adam Roberts, whose agent I chatted to while winding Jane McKie up after a cancelled Warren Zevon concert (I believe I've already trotted this story out somewhere). Another is a onster hardback by Stephen Jay Gould on evolutionary theory, which should be a good if rather prolonged read. One of the ones from the stall was Prometheus' Children, which argues that the conventional line on human evolution (that it's stopped, basically) is likely to be the opposite of the truth. Should be interesting. I've never seen a justification of the conventional line. I can think of a couple of reasons why it might be true, but nothing compelling.

I have also watched the television. In particular, the BBC thing about GM foods and the like, which has been attacked (apparently) as being horribly biased and scientifically uninformed. I thought it was quite good. It's not Edge of Darkness, but what is these days? I didn't think it dropped any real clangers as far as the science went. The second half's tomorrow, anyway, and I'll certainly watch it if my hectic tidying schedule allows.

The Garuniad today had an article about Intel's disappointing sales figures. there was a picture. Of a 486SX. Eh?
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I don't want it put out in the environment before it's been properly tested, I don't like biotech companies patenting basic foodstuffs (since that's probably going to make life even more difficult for poor farmers in the Third World), and I won't feed it to my kids.

Sounds fair. I mistrust the corporations involved more than I inherently mistrust the technology. The latter has good uses, but as they're not going to be as profitable I don't think we'll see them in the field anytime soon.