01. Name: Graham Clark
02. Age: 36
03. Where on earth do you live?: On the surface.
04. What makes you happy?: Fast drugs, loose cars and hard women.
05. What have you been listening to lately?: A continuous whining noise emanating from my throat.
06. If so, why? If what, why?
07. Interesting fact about you: I have enough iron in my body to make a six-inch nail, which I've used to stick a calendar to my kitchen wall.
08. Are you in love at the moment?: No, love, I'm at work at the moment.
09. Favorite place to be: At home.
10. Favorite quote:  "A mind is like a door. If you leave it open all the time, there's no point in having one."
11. Will you post this in your LJ?: Only in a spirit of perversity.
12. Tell me why I should read your LJ!: Because you're very very easily amused.