And in today's music news . . .

More Bauhaus gigs? Cocteau Twins reform?

Coming on top of the DCD reunion, this is starting to sound quite entertaining.
Sounds like someone ripped of Bauhause for that new(ish) LandRover advert.
Not as yet, no. Shields has been interviewed and said that it was possible but not imminent, IIRC. Ho hum.
It's the Pixies' fault. One band get back together and do a great tour that everyone goes nuts for, and then everyone's doing it! PWEI pulled it off brilliantly, but somehow I doubt most others can :/
Well, the Poppies were great, and I've heard good things about Gang of Four and the Fire Engines too.
But Bauhaus have already done the reforming and playing a few dates thing (and pulled it off brilliantly) a few years ago.
There does seem to be a rash of 4AD bands, though. Maybe the Birthday Party will have another brief get-together? That's another one that's happened before. Minus Tracey, obviously.
Do you think they can do it again?

I have a feeling I'll end up going to gigs if they play here...
Re: God's Teeth
Certainly not. Follow the link to the festival program (reply to Fiona, above) or google for the Cocteau Twins website.