Gigantor dates, nonexplosive devices.

Gigantor dates for your diary, should you not already have them in there:

16th April, 28th May

Saturday in both cases, Park Room / Underground / whatever poncy name they're using for the place by then, and I assume 9 until 3 and the usual cost. Certainly the usual sorts of music, unless you get very lucky.

In other news, The Guardian has today printed some lovely instructions for knitting your very own wooly hand grenade. Unfortunately the webshite doesn't have the photograph of the doubtless delightful finished article, but there should be enough information there to make your own, doubtless in an exciting range of fun colours.

Like the picture of the knitted hand grenade. Shall I knit you one? :)
That's very handy. I'll have those in the SciffySoc flyer for the Refreshers' Week stall.

No Gigantor for Conception though? ;_;
By Conception I probably meant Compulsion. It's the two day GEAS event on March 26th and 27th. Um... I know I went last year, wasn't Conception the version of Gigantor that ran downstairs on the second night of Compulsion? As far as I know there is no club running this year at Compulsion, unless someone has booked something else for the Sunday.

Ak, ignore me, I'm probably just confused.
Right. Personally I'd be happy to if asked, but it's probably too late to book it now if they haven't already.
I'll go and find out about it. You're probably right, but there's no harm checking!
me too, as long as there aren't any bands playing ;)