Linkage (web variety)

I've probably mentioned to some of you the wikipedia article on the Heavy Metal Umlaut. I was told a couple of days ago that there's a short (8-minute, roughly) flash-animated documentary covering the evolution of the article. It's here.

While we're on the subject of the Wikipedia, it also has a page on the Flynn effect, which came up in one of yesterday's lectures. I've mentioned it to various people (usually when someone gets all Daily-Express about education) and it always seems like I'm the only person to have heard of it. So - read and be informed. Apparently Flynn himself doesn't believe in the straightforward explanation, but yesterday's final lecturer - Matt McGue, a psychologist from the University of Minnesota - reckons that there's probably a fair amount of the obvious going on. After all, we're getting taller, so why not cleverer?
I'll probably try to be there for about half-ten. Any requests? Has to be on CostlyDisk, I'm afraid.
I'll see how I feel later - I may be along. If I think of some requests I'll bring them with me!
Interesting. I was impressed at how quickly the vandalism was (repeatedly) removed. It's a shame they went to all that trouble to advertise that they suck cock, but forgot to give their contact details...
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