Guantanamo returnees released without charge . . .

Well, there's a surprise. It makes me feel sick, though, all that they've been put through. I may have to add Dubya to my gravepissing list. I know that's crass and immature, but sometimes a rational response is inadequate.
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Indeed, but a legal judgement would be some sort of recognition that they've been wronged. Clive Stafford-Smith is quoted by the Beeb as saying that a court case is almost certain.
Hah! Fighting a US legal battle from here would be hard enough even if they were likely to admit any wrongdoing, and they had been held on US soil.

(Remember, even in this country it is held that it is "morally...reasonable and appropriate" to subtract from any compensation award the cost of bed and board in Her Majesty's Lodging House.)
I was thinking of grave pissing yesterday... how odd.

Anyways, yes. I can't believe they've detained them longer here, tho'. Nice.
The US administration succeeds in creating more enemies. Gosh they're so clever.