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Red 'Lex's pitchers from Friday are here.

After popping out for a quick look at the lights - fainter than 18 months ago (from here, at least) but visible - I left a message with CJ about hitting a pub. When he got back to me he was in a very definite frame of mind, and I ended up agreeing to meet him and Diana down at The Pond, in Leith. One very quick taxi ride later I was there, but they weren't for about another ten minutes (I'd made very good time). We stayed there until closing (it's a very nice little pub with fishtanks, in case you've not been there - recommended) and then decamped back to Diana's and stayed up drinking until after dawn. We didn't crash until between eight and ten, I think. Saturday was therefore rather wiped out, but I did watch Mars Attacks again for the first time in ages, so it wasn't a total loss. There were a couple of interesting things in the papers, but I'll drop you some links later .

The other band I have to get tickets for, as well as the ones I mentioned before : Giant Sand. I have some interest in refilling the spare room, also. Life moves on.

I notice that Michael Howard is insisting that his "rivers of blood revisited" speech was in no way racist. Well, I'm sure that being designed to appeal to the worst instincts of the worst parts of a society which as we well know contains no racists whatsoever will ensure he faces no unjustified accusations.

I have a different solution to the problem of immigration-related tension. Michael Howard shuts the fuck up for a while and accepts that the crap that UKIP talks will get them the votes of all the bad eggs. After the election, we track back from ballot papers to the electoral register using the paper serial numbers, round up all the UKIP voters in a field and



Any questions?


Annoyingly, it turns out that the company (GetLive) doing the CDs and DVDs of last night's concerts are an arm of ClearChannel, who as we all know are the spawn of Satan.

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Mr Howard was on R4 this morning acting with shock to the idea that there was any dodgy implications. Apparently he's just worried about reports that riots are caused by "failure to integrate" which (apparently) happens when we get too many immigrants. He had no coherent response when it was pointed out that the majority of immigrants were from France, Australia and America. Personally, I would join the Australian riot -- it would probably be the most welcoming and community spirited. I'd avoid the american one though, they'd probably be armed and competetive.
It might be an idea to drop in to the French riot first and get some decent wine off them, though - the good US and Australian beers are hard to get over here.
Our solution to the problem is slightly different to yours: for every nice foreign-born person we import, we export someone who opposes immigration. Currently Siberia is looking like a good destination for them (I suggested Antarctica, since I refuse to believe in it, but Rachel assures me that it exists and needs protecting).

You bleeding-heart liberals are all the same. You'll suggest we let them *live* in Siberia as well, instead of sacrificing them to Shub-niggurath first, won't you?
Dunno, sacrifice sounds good. It would avoid any worries about getting food to them (which is obviously needed to feed those nice people in foreign countries who don't get enough right now.

I vote for North Korea, or Uzbekistan. Outer Mongolia at a stretch, but the camels don't deserve it.
I think that might stop people voting at all, you know. At the moment some people still believe it really is a secret ballot and I think that's all that gets most of them out of the house.