Firstly, I recommend that you read this, which has got to be the wisest thing I've read for many a moon.

In other news, I now have tickets for Neubauten and Dead Can Dance, and should go and get them for Rollins, Costello, Cake, Low, and possibly two or three others as well. It could be a busy couple of months.

CJ turned up in the pub last night, which was a nice surprise.  We'd all spent most of the evening laughing, to the point where the bar staff came over and asked us what was going on. Welll, mainly it was Robert K-S leaving UKIP, of course, and all the allegedly witty suggestions we had for naming his new party. It's going to be Veritas but it's been prominently said that it should really be Vanitas. Andrew suggested something about the Country's United Nationalists and something else. I forget the details. A fine time was had, anyway.

And in other news . . . Good God. They've convicted Jodi Jones' boyfriend. I'm amazed. there didn't seem to be any solid evidence against him., although I think the trial proved conclusively that he's really into some very dismal music. As I recall, this was a major part of the prosecution case, which they spent at least a couple of weeks concentrating on.

Oh, and one more thing, which I forgot - POPPIES ON SUNDAY. Wheee!
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"Lord Nimmo Smith said it was beyond any skill of his to see into the black depths of the baby-faced killer's mind."

Wow -- the legal professions gain is piss-poor horror literature's loss here I feel.
Maybe he couldn't face the competition? There's a hell of a lot of piss-poor horror out there.
Ps L N-S knows little about criminal law - perhaps he's making up for it with research into criminal psychology :_)
But I do remember dancing to Beaver Patrol when you carelessly played it one night...
Why do I always
hear about stuff like the dead can dance gig too late.
do you have a secret source for the tickets ?
feeling very frustrated at the moment.
Re: Why do I always
Bought mine two days after release and none left in teh stalls already - sorry.

When's the Neubauten tour?
Re: Why do I always
Rollercoaster of emotions as I learnt they've added an extra date at the Forum Kentish town and managed to get a couple of tickets for that.
Re: Why do I always
Just found that out, but can't find tickets online - anyone got a phone number?
Re: Why do I always
Excellent. Sounds like it's going to be quite a party.
I was vaguely reminded of this by your piece of wise advice: when I was about to come up to Cambridge as a fresher, my dad simply advised me to "play the field". I think he was afraid I'd fall for the first person I met, without seeing what my options were... Unusual advice from a parent perhaps, but it worked for me.
It worries me that the boy was put away on circumstantial evidence, although he is disturbed enough to have done it.
Forum, Kentish town. There's a link to an agency in one of the comments above. 7th April, offhand - a Thursday.
</em>he's really into some very dismal music.

oh dear - I'll go and hand myself into the authorities at once ;-p

I was interested to note that whereas Jodi's family present her preference for exactly the same sort of music as being simply the behaviour of a" typical teenager - into clothes and the music of her liking", it's taken to be a sign that her boyfriend was endemically evil. Heigh ho - no change there then.
It's another one of those irregular nouns. I like alternative music, you are a goth, he is a dangerous homicidal lunatic.