Brass Monkey weather.

The BBC reckon it's going to hit seven below on Saturday. At least it'll be dry. I'm told it's ten below that in New York at the moment. I wonder if I should break out the silly-weather coat?

The pub last night was fun. Charlie was preparing for his weekend away, but had a computer journalist in tow, complete with an autoharp which she played very briefly in between the (dismal) songs from the jokebox. She cheerfully gave Andrew her card in a shameless attempt to scab any work that might be going. Always odd to meet someone you've heard of.

Mostly I talked to Andrew about the upcoming big thing in his life and the upcoming fairly big but not quite as big thing. The former is of course that Lorna's due on Saturday and her bump's shown signs of moving south for the summer, which might mean that something will happen roughly on schedule. The other is a short-story collection he's trying to put together for Worldcon. He's been talking to various people, who mostly seem to be very enthusiastic - so much so that he reckons there's an outside possibility of having a full professional budget for it rather than sliding it out on a wing and a prayer.

And speaking of journos, I notice Rachel has a rare appearance in a weekday Guardian. In fact, I don't think it's happened before at all. Good good. I don't, personally, hate it when my friends become successful.

I see London has snow forecast for Sunday. Perhaps I'll get stuck in Paris? That would be just dreadful.
Note to self; pack extra clean underwear in case we accidentally have to stay in Paris forever.
Well, if, due to the weather, they can't take a full train-load (it could happen!) I will selflessly volunteer to be the one that stays behind... :-)
I'm sure they sell underwear in Paris. Not necessarily very practical underwear, but maybe that's just another privation you'd all have to endure.
The latter may indeed be wiser if the weather's cold. Frostbite is rarely a good career move.
I can but admire your stoicism. I'm sure it will be well rewarded, in the next world if not in this. Although probably in this, come to think of it.
My heart bleeds for you, obviously. Drip, drip, drip.

They're probably more used to cold weather over there, though. Continental climate, and all that.
Whoever it was, they apparently collected the same business card twice :)
Or gave it away, even.

"Every spelling and grammar correction shall contain a spelling or grammatical error of its own"
Interesting article. Doesn't quite go as far as one might into why Israel is particularly vulnerable to this kind of fraud, because they are very keen to find archaeology that 'proves' the Bible, and tend to interpret what they do find through the prism of the Old Testament.
Indeed. That's probably more interesting than the faking of the antiquities itself.
Ah, more small world. The autoharpist was in fact my guest speaker at work on the national ID card. Is that the sf meet in K Jacksons? i thought it was Thurs - I am so confused..

Is Charlie taking Iron Man?
Ah, more small world.

Does it actually count if she just had to walk to a pub down the road?

my guest speaker at work

I see. A good talk? She seemed very sharp and pleasant from what I could tell.

Is that the sf meet in K Jacksons? i thought it was Thurs

It is Thursday. This was a different pub. Da Hoose, in fact.