Here's a dime, kid. Get yourself a real computer.

Today's tasks involve persuading somebody's old W98 laptop to talk to one of the XP boxes to the extent of using a networked printer. This would be a real chore even if the thing moved faster than a badger which is both pregnant and constipated, which it doesn't. Changing a setting takes about five minutes, and then it demands a reboot, which takes about another ten. Admittedly the machine is overloaded with toolbars and background programs, but still. This is why I never wanted to be a sysad, frankly.

"I'm sorry, that printer is too new for your computer to work with it."
It won't talk to the XP boxes. Given that we're apparently moving from Novell to MS for the main file and print sharing, I think he might be facing a more significant problem in fairly short order.

karmicnull is evil.

I had almost forgotten about the beast :-D