There are few more beautiful sights than Edinburgh in the snow.

It's not going to last long, but just at the moment there's a thin coat of snow across everything. The Meadows, of course, looks fantastic, and walking between the tenements watching the snowflakes spiral down past the streetlights is magical. I was starting to think that maybe we wouldn't get any snow this winter. Sometimes it's good to be wrong.

I have also moved to (re?)confirm my status as a white-coated nazi braniac, by joining the Genetics Society. It turns out the treasurer works one floor almost directly upstairs from me, and its correspondence address is at Roslin. I feel right in the heart of things.
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Are we fortunate enough to get some stunningly lovely pictures taken by some zotz-ish bloke with a perfect eye for composition?

*Edinburgh withdrawals*
Not yet. Not of this one, anyway. I might be able to scan some earlier ones, though.
I took a few on the way to work. I don't know when I'll be able to get them up, though.
It's lying on the cars and the grass, but not the roads or pavements.
Lucky you - I have several inches out here, and the car's not movable :/

Currently negotiating to see if I can work from home today since I'd rather not take the time off. Hey ho.
Good luck with it. As of a couple of minutes ago, it was snowing again, very slightly.
Yeah I remember those times. We used to talk about going for a snowball fight or building a snowman in the Meadows. Think we might have even done it once. We definitely built a snow-penis-man in the back garden! I also remember Jubjub cycling home from Uni when the snow started and when he arrived he was the abomidable snowman himself! You couldn't see the chainring, everything was totally covered in snow. He had to 'thraw' in the hall... :)