Mainly Neon.

I was vaguely out of sorts for a lot of yesterday (which was nothing to do with having been out all hours drinking) but made it to Neon anyway, which is good because it was fun. Only swisstony was there when I got there, so I hung around upstairs listening to him playing stuff until people arrived. I ended up doing the first and last half-hours. Not what I'd have chosen, but them's the breaks and it did go well in the end. I got some mourning in with a mclusky song, some Chaos Engine because people were asking about my shirt, Zombina (and got asked who it was), Futureheads, and the Clash, Only Ones and NMA to finish. I was thinking about some early Swans, but bottled out. Tony (he was on the last half-hour too as we were one person short) started Teen Spirit, but had to pull it - they're serious about not running past time there.

Sometime after midnight it suddenly went all cheesy. We got We Will Rock You (and not a good version, either), Paint It Black (by the Inkies, yet), Don't Fear The Reaper, Aerosmith . . . someone was bloody lucky I'd left my axe at home.

nik_strychnine was there, so we chatted for a bit. Gav turned up with Gill, and after a while I realised that she's actually really maleficent. This came up because, while discussing recent South Bank concerts, she used the phrase "Simon and Sarah from Livejournal." Now who could she possibly have meant, I wonder?

It's not a small world, but it is a very incestuous one.

Gav was asking me whether he should get an LJ, so I told him straighforwardly that asking that was like asking a friend whether you should get a serious smack habit.

Having said that I was under the weather yesterday, I'm not feeling wonderful today either. Nothing serious - I am in work, after all - and not a hangover. For reasons I'm sure you don't want me to go into, it feels more like a mild GI infection. Ho hum. This entry's really scrappy and could do with a good edit. If I start using quality control, though, I'll never post anything.

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Can't resist mate, the GI thing makes me wonder if you were associating with the american military over the weekend. I do understand the significance of the acronym GUM though. Also if LJ is like a smack habit, what are the substitutes one can use to get through periods of non availability?

Right, i really have to get back to appreciating this Walkmen album Bows and Arrows...slainte!
if you were associating with the american military over the weekend

Chafing from the uniforms, you mean?

Walkmen? Not heard of them. What are they like?
at first i thought the Strokes but no..then i heard little bits of Dylan and the Fall and the Wedding Present and all those terrible emotional singers that you struggle to endure and then end up absolutely loving...theres a review on Amazon that is almost on the ball...

just imagine that U2 is warming up in some small club with poor sound, and suddenly, as Bono is about to take the mic for "Pride (In the Name of Love)", none other but Bob Dylan stumbles onto stage half drunk, takes the mic, and starts directing the band in some other unknown song.

and yet that is nothing like it
Don't Fear The Reaper, Aerosmith

Yo! Bring it on. Ah, the Roc Soc, and the end o the student union.
We got We Will Rock You (and not a good version, either), Paint It Black (by the Inkies,

After hearing a particular song five years ago (no kidding, I've had to disremember the name of it in order to preserve my remaining sanity), I always thought there should be stringent guidelines concerning the covering, reproduction, shameless copying and bastardisation of music. Anything which falls below the high standard set down by the European Council of Arts Appreciation and Protection should immediately be disintegrated along with its creator(s).