I saw the old moon in the new moon's arms

I believe that the superstitious regard this as being bad luck. It's not, though.

I noticed it while walking through KB just after leaving work, and a few minutes later I was over taken by my old director of studies, Geoff Bond. I've seen him in passing a few times over the last few months, but we haven't actually had a chat, until tonight. I wasn't sure he'd remember who i was in detail, but he started straight off asking whether I hadn't been in Cambridge and how long I'd been back and wasn't it Finishing that I'd been doing. It was great. I've known since I met him that he's a really good bloke, but I'm incredibly impressed at his recall and sheer friendliness, even after almost eight years.

When I had the Sanger interview coming up, he recommended me a book (Strachan) which had a chapter on the strategies and methods involved in the Project, then of course still in its infancy. I read it on the way down on the train, and the technical half of the interview - with Dave Buck - went across all of those points. The other half involved discussing Feersum Enjinn with JB - that went well too, of course.
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The girls noticed that as well on the way up the road after I'd picked them up from school, before I could point it out to them. Their reaction is one of the reasons I like being a parent.