God Save The Queen.

A few days ago I mentioned having picked up a Peel Sessions EP by the Wedding Present. The subject of the spinoff group The Ukrainians was mentioned. I've just heard their verion of the Pistols classic on 6music. It's . . . different. Not too much of a departure from the original, but sung in - well, I'll give you three guesses.
Aah yes, The Ukranians.


There just aren't the peple with the imagination like that anymore.

BTW, ask Lee Chaos for a promo of his new CD. I keep meaning to phone you to tell you more but since we're both on LJ. I'll mention it here too.

As in the new Chaos Engine album? Already got it. I like.

How's things? I was just at Dork Jubbly. People were asking after you. Theatre of Tragedy played - someone claimed you have something truly embarrassing by them lurking in your collection.
"Tanz Der Schatten" is the song by Theatre of Tragedy. It is DIRE. "Tanz der Scheisse" would be a better title really.
[Nb all spellings may be wrong!] It sounds like a poor cover version of Midnight Configuration.

Apart from that things are fine. I'm thinking of venturing out into civilisation on a more regular basis and should be Cambridge way this weekend.