Mark Thatcher is a dangerous criminal - (almost) official. Phil Pullman isn't.

A guilty plea is likely to be entered, according to the beeb.

Also, as an aside, it should be noted that the current Ansible reports that one Philip Pullman, author, is annoyed about some misreporting recently. The story that God has been removed from the film version of HDM in response to the threat of Fundie annoyance, with his agreement, is apparently basically untrue. This, of course, doesn't tell us what the situation actually is, only that it's not quite as reported. Pullman himself comments here. As a taster : "To take an answer from one context, invent a question that hadn't been asked, and put the answer next to it is not what used to be called honest journalism."
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I've been waiting for them to somehow link it to Maggie. If she turns out to have stumped up some of the cash, that would be fantastic. (FACPOV.)