From the Covers Project

Song To the Siren covered by This Mortal Coil
Song To the Siren covered by Robert Plant
Song To the Siren covered by Czars
Song To the Siren ? covered by Dead Can Dance
Song To the Siren covered by Incubus Succubus
Song To the Siren covered by Paul Oakenfield
Song To the Siren covered by Sheila Chandra
Song To the Siren covered by Susheela Raman
Song To the Siren covered by True Faith
Song To the Siren ? covered by Shudder To Think
Song To the Siren covered by Snuff
Song To the Siren covered by Half Man Half Biscuit
Song To The siren ? covered by Fern Hill
Song To The siren covered by Cul De Sac

Well, that's a few to be looking for.

Incidentally - I actually expected to find more, even though it's bound to be a very incomplete list.
The Biscuit one isn't actually very good. Soulseekable, as before, from one of the R1 sessions. I'll check which one and mail you when I get home.

One of the things I'm interested in is whether it's been done as a duet, so I might start by trying to chase down the Dead Can Dance version. I should probably fill out my collection in that respect anyway. I'm not sure I have much by them since the late eighties.

Incidentally, have you played Simon any Young Gods yet? Some prospect of success there, so it wouldn't do to forget.
I didn't expect the HMHB one to be any good!

I played Simon some Young Gods years ago, and yes he does like them. I think he already had some TV Sky era stuff.
You mean in those polls recently? I think it was him, the person filling in the poll had obviously not realised he'd heard them, and I had forgotten.
I'm not sure if Dead Can Dance ever covered it. Brendan Perry covered it solo after they'd split up, maybe someone got confused over that?
Actually, if Shudder to Think are the band I think they are, that could be a bit ugly too. Perhaps I'll just try to land them all. DCD don't seem to have it on any album listings, but the lyrics are on a site or two, so maybe it's a secret extra track.
Really? Maybe not the same band, then.

Ah. Hit Liquor. Same band. Goodness.
There's also a Chemical Brothers cover somewhere on my hard drive.
I have that, yes, but it's only really a cover in that it has an unidentifiable Liz Fraser sample which I can only assume is from the This Mortal Coil album. It doesn't actually have any of the words or tune or anything. I think I might have it on one of the Rough Trade compilations.
Always wondered about that...never heard any of the original song in it, I'll have to listen closer some time.
The Plant version is not great. We had a copy around at one point; if I can find it I'll let you know.

And of course there are the Tim Buckley originals.
I have the This Mortal Coil version, sn'ot bad, but i don't think its liz...

Whats the covers project?
It's Liz. Definitely. Properly credited and everything. I even saw her do it on TV, way back when (and hated it . . . I was young then and had no taste. It was slow and had no distorted guitars).

Whats the covers project?

A website that lists who's covered what. Here.
oh, ok, i was thinking of a different this mortal coil song... hmmm not sure which one though...

Well, you might just have to listen to all three albums to help you remember. What torture that will be.