More wind, and more breakage. But not much.

OK. It is, admittedly, a little windy out tonight. Nothing amazing, though. I guess the real trouble's further north and west.

I notice that the final lineup for Dark City has been announced. I wouldn't mind seeing Xymox again, but on the whole I think I'll give it a miss this year too. Having said that, though, are any of you lot coming up for it?
Dark City ? Don't even know if I'll have a job or my flat then. If I do have both, I'm still a bit unsure as to whether I'll go. I will still be poor. It may well depend on who is going to be in town.....
Oh, and along my street it appears to be very very windy. The street bins are flapping about and traffic cones and bin bags have been flying along the street. Lots of crashing and banging and gusty noises too. My extracor in the kitchen rattles really badly in strong winds too and it's making a real din. I'm virtually by the sea though (if that makes any difference) with Leith docks, The Shore and Granton very close by.
My side gate is currently ripping itself to pieces.

A tree at the back of the garden appears to be trying to saw itself in half against the rear fence (and a panel of the side fence has collapsed into the neighbours' garden.)

I suppose I ought to tell the landlord about these really.
A little calmer up here, by the sound of it. the lids are flapping a little on the big bins, but nothing much is going on apart from that.
Hm. The lineup doesn't tempt me as much as last year, though I'd quite like to see Rotersand and Absurd Minds, and Icon of Coil are always fun. If it was Easter weekend again, I'd probably go, but having it the weekend after Whitby makes it less likely. We'll see...
I'm tempted.
What's the chances of scrounging a place (floor is fine) to stay? I don't smell too bad.
I have a couple of couches. You're welcome to one of them, at least. They seat three, so hopefully they aren't too cramped.
Maybe. Rotersand were great fun last time I saw them, and I'd like to see Absurd Minds, too...
I must admit the bands aren't tempting me north :( pity as I had planned togo, but the line up well, doesn't seem to be my thing

I can go to BTV in March in Leeds for new stuff...

i cna't make up my mind which to do!!! ARGHHH!!!
At a glance, the Inkies look out of place on that lineup.
But, I've never heard of most of it, so I may be misjudging.
If they get people along who wouldn't otherwise . . . but yes, they and Xymox make up quite a small non-electro side to the festival.
D'Oh! Having been invited to DJ last year (oh - did I drop that into the conversation!) and missing out due Command Course, I'll now be in Spain. Still wanna see Xymox at some point.
Unlikely. Xymox are the only band on that I would really like to see (because I never have. I suck).

There is a possibility I'll be having my summer holiday in scotland so may be passing through at some point this year.