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Hmmm. There are rumours that the Men They Couldn't Hang might be touring soon. There seem to be confirmed dates for Manchester and Sheffield. Hopefully there will be more - particularly further north.

It was a bit windier last night. The local papers are still promising us gales. We'll see.

I was reminded by a discussion on a different LJ of this shirt, which I saw and was vaguely tempted by a year or two ago. They do others, too, such as this one - now who could that possibly be appropriate for? Answers on a postcard, please - not by commenting here, that would be naughty, and anyway, it would be far more fun to talk about people behind their backs.

Also, I've just picked up "I Was A Human Bomb For The FBI" by Zombina and the Skeletones. Mick Mercer's review is here, info on ordering it is here, and not only is it a great listen, but they didn't stint on the production cost either - I think it's the heaviest 7" I've ever come across. You could probably beat several G7 heads-of-state to death with it without damaging its playing surface at all. In fact, I recommend that you all buy copies and attempt precisely that. If you don't trust me quite that far, you could always buy a playing copy and a separate beating copy.


Branch meeting. Motions for demanding immediate repatriation of UK nationals from Guantanamo and stopping holding people without trial at Belmarsh passed nem con, for what good it'll do. Also one on setting up worldwide tsunami warning systems, which was interesting because there was someone there who actually knows about such things. Dead simple and cheap, apparently - also nem con. An organiser from the Scottish party was there, mainly talking about the Lib Dems. Party politics is so like pest control, when it comes down to it.
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Any interest in Athlete in March? or Chemical Bros? I'm sure there were others too.
Athlete could easily be generic indy Snow Patrol-ly West Coast-y but they have something more, notably amazing hooks... they were recently described as Steely dan-ish which hadn't occurred to me but could explain why I like em so much. Try downloading some.
Not normally my sort of thing, but if they're recommended as a particularly good example, I may well do that. Cheers.
eeeeeeeek! This is one of the down sides with living on the other side of the world - where TMTCH never play. Oh well. mope.
They don't actually ever play here either. I've never managed to catch up with more than half of them.
Arh. I remember a brilliant gig at the Cambridge Corn X back in 1997-9 sometime, with TMTCH supporting The Oyster Band... or the other way around....or something like that. The more I think about it the less I'm sure who the other band was!

What I *do* remember was that Mr Cutsie was there and fate arranged for both of us to walk into the empty upper bar at exactly the same time but from different ends. I was *so* shy (cos I'd fancied this guy for about 10 years and only saw him once a year at the Cambridge Folk festival!), and here he was, both of us with no one else to look at! Self conscious? moi? I was sooooo scared, but loved it! My heart rate was through the roof!! Made my night, made my year probably as I realised that maybe, just maybe he lived near Cambridge! Later, much later, when in 2001 I finally plucked up the couraged to talk to this guy as I was about to emigrate, and fate put us both together again, behind each other in the Club Tent at CFF 2001; that I started to find out who he was/why he had had a press pass for the last few years, and that he was an arse! Sometimes fantasy is much better than reality!! But it was fun. Don't know why he ran away from me at CFF this year when some friends of mine I hadn't seen for 7 years turned up. weird. I suspect he has something against hippies. Oh well. You really didn't want to know all that did you. hehehehe. Ta for the memories anyway.