Odd call.

My brother just phoned me, from our folks' place in Ayr. There's some work being done on a brick garage/shed/thing, and the bloke doing it had his son along to lend a quick hand. This turned out to be an old school friend of mine. Quite a good friend, too - one of the last couple I lost touch with, way back when. We had a very pleasant chat, and it turns out that since April he's actually been living on the next street to me. I've walked right past his place loads of times, but never bumped into him.

Some of you may be familiar with Andrew as the subject of my "gullible isn't in the new dictionaries" story.

I'm really pleased about this.

In other news, the wind didn't materialise last night, although apparently it did get quite fierce in the Borders.
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The wind really was something completely fierce up here. So loud I couldn't sleep.
We'd been promised that, but it was pretty calm.

I hope you got some rest eventually.
When it died down at about 8am... it was quite spooky. My flat is second floor and with rattly single glazed historic (possibly pre victorian) sash windows. It was very loud and sometimes the wind hit a certain frequency and there was a high pitched whistling from somewhere in my room. The wind also had a habit of suddently stopping and going quiet for a second and inevitably when it did that I could hear things smashing outside.
Here too. I was lying there waiting for the bedroom window to be sucked out.
Weird -- I was thinking something like that... It really did sound like the whole damn thing was about to completely shatter.
That, and we really need a new window, which I forget about entirely until we have storms.
It was pretty windy here in Cambridge too. I was woken up by it and then I could hear the loose tiles rattling on the roof.
:) Fate has a bizarre way of bringing people back into your life sometimes. njoy.