Anyone around here fancy going to the pub tonight? Or something else, maybe?

It was very windy yesterday, and apparently it's going to be very windy tonight. But it's calm just at the moment.

Also, the Curtis biopic is going ahead. To be directed by Anton Corbijn.
It's windy down here too, I was nearly blown off my feet earlier when I went out for coffee.
Calm at the mo, but when I left work yesterday there were corners where I was having quite some difficulty walking into the wind. According to the local paper we're due a gale tonight., but that may just be journalistic hyperbole. "Damaging winds in the north", though, according to the Beeb's forecast.

Fortunately any water that comes through the roof has several flats to cross before reaching mine.
It was supposed to be windy & rainy here today, and I went out suitably prepared, but neither materialised. Not that I'm complaining, mind.
Bah. Beware of goths bearing gifts.

bareing gifts

Unless . . . are these gifts also goths? Attractive ones?

Nope they is chocolate - even better.

I just knew I would spell baring wrong but bareing looked writer (sp ;) )
hmm i forsee a stop on the way hoem to stock up on dark green and blacks...

sadly we have a pitiful wind down here *sigh* and to think that parents are getting nice friendly gales ...lucky sods..
But do they melt in hot nightclubs? And do they leave mess all over your hands?
well obviously they are not useful in all situations.

Now are we talking chocolate or real ones here ?
it's duncan's birthday drinkies tonight at the monkey from 9, then heading to the liquid rooms.

(grin) But how are they going to make a film about Ian Curtis better than 24 hour party people?
Well, taking on a director who knew Curtis when he was alive is no guarantee, but is a good start. As is using his widow's book as the basis.

I've heard people who were at JD concerts say that the guy who played Curtis in 24HPP was good enough to make bieng an extra on the shoot an incredibly spooky experience. I don't know if they're thinking of asking him to do it, though.