Bad people do bad things.

Interesting. Non-sucky comics adaptation, perhaps? We'll see. Thanks to serpentstar for pointing it out.

This, also, is interesting. The fading and passing of a great institution is always in some ways a great shame, but I can't really bring myself to regret the passing of Church power and influence. Of course, what the article doesn't talk about enough is priestly celibacy - in a highly sexualised society this is inevitably going to be a huge barrier to recruitment, but it's not usually considered. The elephant in the livingroom again?

Out moleplaying last night, and then the pub. After the pub, Neg's, for the first time in I don't want to think how long. Jane and Adele were both out, as well as the usual mob. Jane was presumably back from wherever (Sussex?) she was spending time writing. Oddly, nobody could tell me anything about the indiarubber spectacles story. I am more than a little surprised. Next stop rec.arts.sf.written, perhaps. Mike gave me a pile of stuff which involved variously space-rock and libertarianism. I'm pretty sure that some of the stuff listed in his catalogue goes past weird into poisonous, but I'll maybe have a dig about later. He managed to annoy Andrew to the point where he got up and left. No punches were thrown this time, though.

Also - Derren Brown's prog tonight looks interesting. In a baiting-the-gullible kind of way.
the fact that an increasing number of people no longer believe in God might have something to do with it

That and the increase in other religions, other "religions" and all the vague new-agey stuff. Although there is an element of truth to it. Those who do count themselves part of the church don't seem to go as regularly as would have been usual decades ago.
lack of cushions. that's all there is to it. if they got ikea pews in, they'd be laughing.

as for V - let's hope them wachowskis dont fuck it up like they did with a certain other thingme. richard kelly, aaronofsky, gilliam or glazer would've surely been better choices...

yes. Still good adaptations of difficult material have happened. The Princess Bride, for example.
That, and the fact that France was the first country in the world to have official separation of church & state, and officialdom is aggressively secular.
Unlikely to have happened in the current climate anyway - terrorism in the US is a bit of a taboo subject these days, even for a 'serious' film.
I don't think you could make Vendetta with V as the bad guy.

Well, you could, but you wouldn't be making Vendetta; you'd be making a Bond film.
It wouldn't be the weirdest thing they've done to source material. Just look at Pitch Black.
Heh... there's something about Moore's comics when they get to film. Well, I guess From HEll was OK -- but did you ever see Swamp Thing (probably my favourite of his comics but the film is absolutely dire). Thank God watchmen was never filmed.
The phrase the action thriller "V For Vendetta" doesn't fill me with hope.
Yes. It should be "political action thriller V for Vendetta", obviously.

I dunno. Maybe they'll leave the politics in - they wouldn't be as potentially threatening to a US audience, after all. We'll see.
Would you even have said "action thriller"? It startled me as a description because when I think of V for Vendetta I don't think really about the action sequences -- though I guess there are several. I guess the phrase makes me think of car chases and protracted gun battles.
Well, there are chases and fights in Vendetta.

I'm just hoping they get the repressed masses/debauched bourgeois Weimar-Republic-esque setting right.
I guess it is those sections which stick in my mind the best. To me it was a comic about politics, ideas and society rather than about running, fighting and shooting.
It starts and finished with huge explosions, and there are various lively and tense scenes in between. It shouldn't just be an FX extravaganza, but there's definitely some action.
As to explosions, if they're shooting it in Berlin, I hope they don't lose the destruction of the Old Bailey. "I have a new mistress now..."

Much though I liked The Matrix I'll still expect a high degree of suckiness until I hear otherwise. Still, that doesn't actually harm the source material.
Oooh Oooh Oooh - V

*gets all excited - hopes she won't be disappointed*

Probably will be.

I am glad you mentioned the Derren Brown program, I wouldn't have known it was on otherwise. It was very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the "conversion" of athiests. I'd like to think it wouldn't have affected me ...