Limp! you bugger, limp!

The Guardian also has an article about Jack Good, about whom I previously knew absolutely nothing, and one about Tommy Ramone. Both recommended, if you have a minute or two. The Ramones film, End of the Century, seems to be out and about again, and it's recommended too. Very highly recommended. If you've any interest in da brudders or even about bands generally, you could do a lot worse.


Those of you looking for LJ backup tools might have a lok at LJSM, as recommended bycalum. Advantage: written in Perl, so doesnt require .NET stuff and will run about anywhere. More important advantage: won't try to psychoanalyse you on the basis of your LJ. This latter is really fairly crucial.
Interesting article, the Ramones one, but during the years when they were
trapped in a joyless cycle of underwhelming, underperforming albums and club gigs
they were consistently selling out the Brixton Academy (which holds, what, four thousand?) and, no doubt, similar-sized venues around the country. So they were doing OK in this country at least, and I wonder why the journalist didn't mention that.
I think because the film didn't mention it. Apparently they had high hopes when all the grunge bands broke and hero-worshipped them, but it didn't really translate into more sales or better gigs Stateside, apparently. Some of the film of the later gogs looked really fierce - I hope all the people who ignored them in favour of the endless Nirvana-lite bands are now kicking themselves.
Yes, that would have been a logical connection, but I suppose we all tend to discover the bands that are happening at our time first, and then work backwards.

They were the first band I saw when I moved to London (I'd seen them a couple of times before that, of course) and also the only band I've ever had to pay a ticket tout for. I must have been on the edge of deciding not to go because I'd seen them loads of times, and then decided at the last minute to go.

Right, this has made me wake up my iRiver, and I shall now select Rocket To Russia, I think.
A fine choice, sir.

I only saw them once, but at least it was at the Barrowlands. Fierce they were, and fast. I didn't recognise Somebody Put Something In My Drink until the chorus, it was moving so.
I never saw the Ramones. One of my bigger regrets. When I was regularly travelling between the UK and Canada in the late 80s-early 90s, I was inevitably on the wrong continent at the wrong time.
It does too.. :) I've backed up two journals, both comments, quite successfully today.

Unlike other backup tools, it seems to just access your journal as if it were a web browser, so it should get everything on the page easily enough.

I'm going to check the perl version out on Debian tonight, but I used the windows version, and the perl version on Cygwin with no problems.