I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real worm.

I notice that there's going to be a new series of Celebrity Big Brother. Now, I know I've pestered most of you already with my nominations for my proposed Celebrity Big Brother/Prisoner Cell Block H crossover program. Eight celebrities (ideally C-list at best) are needed for incarcerinclusion. I suggest:

Jeffrey Archer
Nick Hoogstraten
Mark Morrison
Jonathan Aitken
Martha Stewart
Ernest Saunders
Robert Kilroy-Silk
and, of course, finally:
Dennis Nilsen.

I don't think there's any need for a voting mechanism.


Catherine Bennett asks in today's Grauniad why the world's astrological community didn't foresee the recent tsunami, if they're so good at foretelling the future. After all, you'd think it'd be a hard one to miss.
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Jeremy Clarkson
George W. Bush
Simon Cowell
Nigel Rees
Michael Howerd
Charles Clarke
Orson Scott Card
Jim Davidson
Michael Winner.
Peter Lilley.
Mike Tyson.
"Posh" Spice.
Charlotte Church.
That bloody 'Crazy Frog' thing (yes, I know it's an animation, but I can't think of anything that has me reaching for the mute button faster).
Tyson especially, yes. I'm afraid the frog might well be disqualified, though. If you'd like to nominate whoever's behind it, though . . .
It would make me immesurably happy to think he was being anally violated, although I do miss him being on TV - since he's been off-air I've become generally a calmer person, as there was nobody to give me my daily fix of vitriol.
Heh. You know I've been on his show? He's just as slimy and unpleasant in real life.

A friend suggests Mark Thatcher as a possible replacement for his place on Cell-ebrity Big Serial Killer who fits the membership criteria.
Mohammed El-Fayed
Rupert Murdoch
All the staff of the Spectator

And an axe.
How many staff does the Spectator have? We might not be able to fit them all into one cell without using a meat-mincer.
Shania Twain
Michael Moore
Osama Bin Laden
Uri Geller
Alberto Gonzales
Marilyn Manson
Danielle Steel
Shane McGowan

the world's astrological community...

Uri was on radio-4 yesterday afternoon declaring he'd correctly predicted it would be whasthisname that won the last I'm -A-Celeb-Get-Me-Out. Give the guy a break--that took a lot of brainpower.