Bah. Can't sleep.

I was looking for my compendium of Amber books the other day, to lend to Sara as possible teaching matter. I can't find it anywhere - I didn't lend it to anyone, did I?

In related news, a link from serpentstar led to to this page, which contains something of potential interest to someone. I'd forgotten that the Amber books also had a possible rôle model princess.
A collection of five books, which were quite good. Then another five, which were moderately interesting. And now that Zelazny's dead, apparently a string of others that are possibly quite inadvisable. I used to have a big book of Zelazny's own ones, but I can't find it.

As I recall, Fiona was explaining to her brother that she hadn't been behind him being most egregiously stitched up, although she freely admitted that she would have done if she'd had the chance and seen how to take advantage from it.