Mugged by the Frigid.

Well, I got given vouchers. What else can you do?

They don't have much there these days that I wouldn't rather get somewhere else (they played some Le Tigre while I was in, but that's more of an Avalanche purchase, I think). I got the Banshees B-side box, though (as none of you bastards thought to get it me for Christmas - it was exactly the same story with the Joy Division set five or so years back - I even got it for someone else rather than myself and was left cursing afterwards when it was sold out everywhere . . .) and some cheap DVDs. Not that that was the intention, of course - I spent several minutes agonising over whether to pay for a full-price copy of the 4+ hour miniseries version of Das Boot, but when I got to the till they rang it up and there was a tenner off. I am inadvertently a very miserly shopper, apparently.

No drawers. The shop on Princes Street doesn't do furniture, so I have to go to the Glasgow one to see if I like them.
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Well, like me for a start. But it was a couple of months before I found any more of them about. Not that I was annoyed, of course. It's not like it was something I'd obviously had liked.
= the Foppish??

We were there too today,like most of Edin - nothiong too exciting, Michael Gondtry videoes sold out, but Aimee Mann and I bought some Talking Heads on CD as all mine on vinyl/tape..
Frigid. The Frigid megastore, on Princes Street.

You went shopping with Aimee Mann?
Tsk. I saw the Siouxsie box set on Saturday and thought of you, but was sure you'd have it by now or at least certainly by the time I saw you next. But the thought was there. :)

And appreciated. Cheers.

I don't buy myself anything obvious that comes out close to Christmas. This never quite stops me getting an extra copy of an Iain Banks hardback, but it covers most other stuff.