Well, I've dragged myself out of bed in time to head off to work, but it suddenly occurred to me to check whether it's a holiday today. And it is. And it's a University holiday tomorrow too. God bless Scottish holidays, and God bless the public sector.

I guess that'll be me off looking at chests of drawers today, then.

Have a good one. And if you're working today, my commiserations but you'll get your revenge very soon, I'm sure.
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not going flat-packing

Nope. Not this time. Something in actual wood, I think.
Isn't Tuesday a bank holiday in Scotland? My DVD rental place is in Scotland and the website says that there is no postal service tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure there is down here.
It is a bank holiday, but most stuff other than banks is open. Other than banks and the University, that is.
First day back at work today. I love the 2 new year holidays in scotlan d.