"Camp old twat" dies.

Cyril Fletcher, well-remembered by those of you as old as me, I'm sure, has died. I guess it's a shame that so many people only remember his for "That's Life". It's more of a shame that I remember him mainly for being memorably savaged on Not The 9 O'Clock News.

Yes, as you've guessed, I've only posted this in order to use the heading.
That Esther Rantzen hasn't been arrested often enoughat all lately?
I remember her being arrested. What was it for?

Blocking the pavement or something IIRC.
Yup. Causing an obstruction. Her teeth were blocking the bus lane when she turned sideways. She then got into the front of the Black Mariah instead of the back. And milked it all shamelessly on the prog, of course.