Lang may yer lum reek.

Well, I popped out for a bit, and didn't come back for some time . . .

First the Monkey with Matt and some Bucoids, then K Jackson's with the usual crowd. My brother turned up unexpectedly, which was of course rather good but threw my timing for the evening totally. Even more so than it already was. Andrew was being fairly bullish . . . I didn't agree with all of it, but it was nice to hear. Had an odd conversation with Ralph about getting Christy Moore to sing Buddy Holly songs, buying Siouxsie scented candles and what John McGeoch was actually like (very nice bloke, apparently).

Didn't make Nicky and AJ's at all (sorry) but did get to Caroline's. Which was more than most people managed. The fireworks were great, though. It's a shame about the new office block across from the pub. It blocks the view from what was previously the best spot.

I hope you all had a lovely Hogmanay, and that the coming year will be kind to you.
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Happy New Year.

Sorry to have missed seeing you, but I'm glad you had a good time where you were.

Maybe pub tonight?
Could do. Jane was floating the idea of going to the Hoose, but I don't offhand know if it's open. Do you?
I believe that it is.

Will be heading over aiming to get there by 8-ish and meet her.
Ooh, what's your opinion of the Futureheads? I saw them on Jules Holland the other night (although I'm told it was a repeat) and I was quite impressed...

Happy New Year, by the way.
Thank you. And yourself. Are you well and happy?

The Futureheads album's good. The songs are short and pointy, and there are about fifteen of them including a strange cover - as a recipe for an album that quite often works for me. It's poppy guitar rock. It has poke and tunes and Sunderland accents (oddly this means they sometimes sound like Julian Cope). I like it. The only downside I can think of is that it sounds a bit like an obscure album from about 1984, but I think I'm willing to put up with that.