Oh, and also:

I saw the beginning of Gone With The Wind over Christmas, too. It took less than thirty seconds to put my back up. Revolting film.

On a brighter note, sbisson pointed out that there's a China Miéville christmas short story online over at the Socialist Review. I enjoyed it. Maybe you will too.

Also, we Neonites are supplying an evening of music at the Auld Hoose tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th) evening, if any of you fancy coming along. According to Finn earlier, it's starting about six and going on probably until either the place closes or we get chased out by a baying mob with blazing torches. No entry charge, no dress code, no discernible music policy apart from "arguably alternative most of the time" and pub bar prices (obviously, I suppose).
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a baying mob with blazing torches
Well, it's the night for it. I'll probably pop down to the Auld Hoose when we've cleared the Hill.
Ah, I see. I hadn't noticed that was on. I should pay more attention, obviously.

Righto. I'll see you there, then, assuming we both make it.
I've read King Rat. (Back when it was the only novel he had out.) I've been meaning to read Perdido Street Station, for ages, and of course now there're other things of his I'll need to read to get caught up as well. (Too many books, too little time, too much else I need to spend that time on too!)

I've also met him, when he was guest of honor at WisCon in 2003, and I was the audience member who let out a loud "Woo!" when he mentioned The Beatnigs in his GOH Speech ;-)
(I later spoke to him at parties and in the halls at the con, along with his many other groupies umm I mean admireres ;-P)
China Miéville christmas short story

I enjoyed that. Thanks for the link.