I just love the last paragraph about Republican demonstrators with a 'Welcome to Ukraine' sign. Oh, the irony...
There ain't no irony in Washington State. It's all under Pittsburghy.
It has been observed that it is not clear that repeated recounts of the type of ballot used in this particular election is actually sane or sensible.
They don't say what type of machine ballots were used - presumably a mixture of technologies. If punch card and optical mark sense make up a significant proportion a manual recount could well produce significantly different answers.

(And don't forget that machines such as punch card tend to be older than touch screen, therefore tend to have be punted off to the poorer precints that can't afford the latest and greatest, and they tend to vote Democrat. But these old machines have much higher failure rates.)
Irrelevant but maybe interesting
I followed a link from that page "Snaggletooth Killer exhonerated by DNA" or summat, & found this:

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, one in every seven people sentenced to death in the US in the past 25 years has been pardoned after execution.

F**k that's a lot!
Re: Irrelevant but maybe interesting
Isn't it. Especially when you add the mistakes that don't get spotted at all...
"Sheriff Kenneth MacIver said he was at a loss to come up with a punishment that would meet the stupidity and danger to others caused by Quinn's actions."

Hows about sharing a flat with an alligator? Seems like a suitable punishment to me..