Nighty Night

Just having a weegenerous dram before turning in - the last of the bottle of Glenmorangie I bought before leaving Cambridge. It's still nice to be up here, in spite of it all. It feels right. It's home.

I just got this album off Emusic, and if it sounds as good after Christmas I'll be off looking for a physical copy. I was a fan of Dream City Film Club (and eventually caught them a couple of times live before they broke up) and he hasn't lost his touch as a songwriter. It's a lot gentler musically, but hasn't softened lyrically at all:

Remember the night I first jumped your bones,
under the stars 'gainst the cold hardened stones
and you - no resistance at all
and I shot my load in the the time it takes a teardrop to fall
the first disappointment, though it wouldn't be the last
every other day they rolled in thick and fast.

(from "Teardrop time")

Excellent stuff. Well, if you happen to be me, or as easily impressed, anyway.

Right. The album's finished, and so's the whisky. See you all tomorrow.
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Ooo I didn't realize he was still writing stuff after they split. I'll now hunt down a copy, thank you! I saw them in Reading in about 1996 after reading a random article in Melody Maker (Oh...the loss of a quality music paper) and they were fantastic.

Enjoy drinking from your *next* bottle of Glenmorangie, the one you'll buy in scotland :)
At least 3 albums so far.

I'll get some more at some point, but I have a couple of others I should work on before that. I've been cruelly neglecting the Laphraoig and Highland Park, for a start.
One of the many ways in which I suck is never chasing down any of Sheehy's solo stuff despite having been a total DCFC fangirl.
I'm missing the second solo album. The others I like . . . probably more than the second DCFC album but (obviously) not as much as the first.
Hello, just wandering by. Ta for posting those lyrics. Enjoyed that. Somehow reminded me of "The bushes scream while my daddy prunes". Which *has* to be my favourite songtitle ever. [shambles off...]
You're very welcome. That's a good title, and not a bad song at all (and I haven't listened to it in a bit, so I might have to now). I think I'd still run with Test Department's "Long live British democracy which flourishes and is constantly perfect under the immaculate guidance of the great, honourable, generous and correct Margaret Thatcher, she is the blue sky in the hearts of all nations, our people pay homage and bow in deep respect and gratitude to her, the milk of human kindness", though.
Yes. And even more amusingly (if you're me, at least) it's an instrumental. The title seems totally gratuitous.