Napoleon Dynamite

I've been slightly disconcerted for a couple of weeks whenever I hear the name of this film, and I've just worked out why. Another of Elvis Costello's alter egos, of course. Presumably there's actually some connection between this and the film that I'm not aware of.

[In the morning:]

I've also noticed in the last few days that there are an awful lot of single magpies around. Must be the time of year.
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Oh well. How disappointing.

Thanks for digging that out. Good morning. I hope everything's going well.
Yes, thanks. I'm a bit demob happy though, there's not a lot of work getting done, although it is pretty quiet this week anyway.
Glad to hear it. It's pretty quiet up here, too, except that I can't find some of the things I want for people for Christmas. And I haven't any idea, still, about some others. Work's looking more hopeful, though.