Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

I have just shown Kirstin at work the scary kittens singing Tanz mit Laibach and Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues. This was definitely my Bad Deed of the Day. She seemed suitably amused/horrified, though, and spotted the Laibach/Rammstein influence.
Wait, I've seen the first, but not the McClusky one...

[google and 2 minutes later]

Okay, now make the scary tooth-kitties go away now please.
Ahhh, found it.

I was quite chuffed to hear Laibach being played in Alias the other night when Sydney went to infiltrate a goth club in Berlin. furthur proof that it is the best thing on television (as if any was needed).
OK, now you're ahead of me.

"Alias"? It's worth finding out about, then?
Depends really. It's the best thing I've seen on TV since... well, for quite a while.

It's basically about a spy, who works for the CIA, except she doesn't, she works for a terrorist organisation, but then the terrorists kill her fiance so she becomes a double agent and starts working for the CIA, and then she finds out her Dad is also a double agent working the terrorists but also undercover for the CIA, and then she goes to bring back a technologically advanced relic built 500 years ago to prove that she's still a terrorist, but she gives it to the CIA. This is all done to a banging soundtrack.

And that's just the pilot episode. It's a bit like James Bond meets 24 with a bit of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure, except the lead character is a woman. It's won Golden Globes and things in the states.

Go buy the first series I reckon, you can get the lot on DVD for about £20. I'm eagerly awaiting series 3 to be released over here.