I was planning on going out on Friday, probably to the Hoose's birthday party, but I was tired and just stayed in. Saturday I finally started my Christmas shopping, and later went for adrink with Mat and Graham. This turned into a trip to the Mish when Caroline turned up. I think I've only seen her about three or four times since I moved back up, so it was a nice surprise. The Mish was a bit dreary, but I was very drunk. Sunday involved a very little bit of Christmas shopping and then a trip to the Hoose's opne decks evening to do Neonish things. I dropped home briefly while bringing the car back and got a quick call from Fiona. Nice to hear her voice again. Back to Neon then, for a 12-1. It went alright. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. AJ turned up for a while, but had work in the morning so didn't stay late.

Somebody at work is trying to grab 4 hours a day of my time, which is probably too much for one project. I have to write up what I do with my time to rebuff the attempt . . . the problem is that I can't say "wait for stuff to happen, and chat to people in case they have a problem I can help with". Which means that 90% of my working day I can't talk about.


It gets better and better. The campus shop's closed, as are the places that sell decent food. The question about the job becomes "Do I wait until I've found something else, or do I just walk?"

I think I have to mention this to Nick when I see him later.

Further supplemental

Found some OK food. Bland. I wouldn't eat there by choice. I'm getting quite tempted to just give in my notice today and have done with it.

And another one.

I've just told Nick I'm on the point of resigning. He has to see some people, but we're going to talk about stuff later anyway. Earlier on I saw two Polis walk a handcuffed man out of the Darwin Building. I've no idea what had happened.

Maybe the last

Talked to Nick. He agrees that Things Must Change. We're going to talk about it on Wednesday. Tomrrow he's talking to someone about this other project which would eat up half my week for the next three months. He reckons it's too inflexible and would get in the way of supporting my users, and I think he's probably right. Some compromise may be possible, though.

Unemployment is rapidly overtaking underemployment as my lifestyle choice as well.
Hope you can get the job sorted out so it's bearable.
I've just been talking to Nick again. I don't know in advance whether the changes will be enough, but there are going to be changes and he's keen to do what he can. I am optimistic.

Aside : I still have to register for the behavioural genetics day, too. I should do that today.
Well, it's a good sign that he's prepared to make changes.
Here's hoping...
He's a very good bloke. I think if he can find a way to make things work properly, he'll be more than happy to go with it. It's just finding one that's the issue.
The problem's mainly a lack of actual work for you to do, is it?
Or is there other stuff?
More or less, yes. The lack of contact with people, daylight, and so on, would be solved by having more and more varied things to do - I would fairly automatically get to be in different places seeing people.
Yes, that would be good.

Can you go out for lunch to get daylight, or are you miles from anywhere convenient?
I can go out for lunch, yes. Except that the decent places on campus are closed this week.
Kings Buildings. There are several places to eat, but for some reasons the ones that are closed are also the decent ones.
Conspiracy theory would suggest that the good ones are forced to close so that the bad ones can get at least some money out of people at some times of the year... :-)
The amount they charge for tea (60p for a cup of tea in a work canteen?) they don't need any more money.
Good heavens.

Does the conspiracy also involve banning staff from having their own kettles in the office? I've worked in places where they've done that... :-(
No, we're allowed kettles. Or some people are, anyway - I'm not sure I'd be allowed one in here, but I'm OK to use the one in a nearby office.