Well, since yesterday's shameless attention-seeking it's been quieter. Dinner with my folks at the ex-Marque, followed by Cthulhu and then a couple of lemonades (no alcohol - dentist's orders) at K Jackson's, then home to bed. After reading a couple of emails, anyway, one of them a reply I'd been musing on the possibility of getting on the way home. Emails from old friends - very good things.

Today I woke up with a lump of goo where my tooth had been (semicoagulated blood) but no pain. The goo's gone, and there's still no sign of any pain. It has been pointed out to me that the Rezillos are playing tomorrow, although I may already have an appointment with a couple of friends and some foaming ale, as long as we can decide on a time and place.

Also, a translation of the lyrics of "Tanz mit Laibach" are here.
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"Inspired by German-American friendship" is not the same thing as "Inspired by Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundschaft"!
Well, it does say "DAF" after that. Informative, if not accurate. Not everybody who listens to Laibach these days will have heard of DAF or know what it means.
Tanz mit Laibach is in some ways a retread of an early eighties song called "Der Mussolini" br Deutsche-Amerikanische Freundschaft. That page just translates that name into English. DAF, while they're reformed recently, are nowadays a bit more obscure than they ought to be - although I have heard Der Mussolini in clubs a couple of times lately.