It is my wish that it be so. Also, it must feature the Baddies.
You really wouldn't believe how enormously popular they were and still are in Australia. A version of the BBC shows cut down to 25 minutes (for space and to make it suitable for children) was shown just before the news every weeknight for decades. See the Wikipedia entry.
Oh my goodness, the Goodies are playing in Sydney, on my birthday, and I won't be there waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Even more agonisingly, I'll probably be there two weeks later. Argh!
Well, as TBT and GG are still comedy regulars on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and writing other sit-coms, I'm hardly suprised that the lure of a paid holiday to Oz has tempted them. As for Bill Oddie, he never goes anywhere for money unless he can fit in some top-level birding between takes / shows, so I guess he'll be too busy oogling the parrots to turn up on time or rehearse. Still, he never was the really funny one - except to look at, of course ; )