Takes more than guns to kill a man.

The Geminids peak tonight, apparently about 10pm, so if it's a clear night you may wish to wrap up and step outside. Thanks to sphyg and to /. for the reminder.

I just read an interesting Wikipedia article about Joe Hill, who as well as inspiring the song of the same name was also, apparently, the originator of the phrase "pie in the sky". There's a link, of course, to a page about one noted singer of said song - the actor, lawyer, singer, athlete, political activist and all-round hero (sadly almost forgotten these days) Paul Robeson. As I understand it both of my parents saw Robeson as Hamlet Othello with the RSC - I must remember to ask them if I've got that one right.

Last night's Neon meeting was relaxed and pleasant. Only about half a dozen people turned up, and four of those were half an hour late. I was sitting alone for the first fifteen minutes. Suprisingly the weekend hasn't obviously wrecked my sleep patterns and I'm currently wide awake.

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Wow, I haven't thought about old Joe Hill in years-- my mother had the Joan Baez record and played it fairly often when I was young. This is along with my father giving me some Pete Seeger albums (I learned the word "ostracized" from Abiyoyo) and very quietly turning me into a sort of subconscious communist. I only figured out a few years ago that all my most beloved childhood records were all protest songs...

(Of course, my father, who taught high-school level English Literature of various sorts for 30 years or so, also named his dog Lolita. I didn't get _that_ joke until a couple of years ago either.)
The Geminids peak tonight, apparently about 10pm, so if it's a clear night you may wish to wrap up and step outside

Ah, an excuse for a break. Er...I tried to work this out, but it makes my head hurt. What with me being at GMT+1hr, will that be at 10pm or 11pm here?
You're East of here, so you reach 10pm[1] sooner than we do - i.e. at nine[2].

So at ten[2] it'll be eleven[1].

That clear?

[1] Your time.
[2] Our time
I got that bit - just wasn't sure whether it would be best at 2200GMT *everywhere* (like you just said), or whether the best time to see them depends on where you're standing.

Academic anyway, as the fog's just rolled in... 8-(
The maximum depends on the Earth's position relative to the meteorite stream's orbit, I think.