Friday evening, at Finsternis and the Venue.

I arranged yesterday to go to the Hoose and then Finsternis with Graham and CJ. Actually, by about ten CJ hadn't arrived at the Hoose, so Graham and I went down to the Pleasance without him, trusting he'd follow. I don't think I've been in that bit of the Pleasance since it was refurbished, maybe ten years ago now, and it's very nice. Quite suited. I'd not been to Finsternis before, so it was quite interesting. The music was mostly ambient, with a few things you could have actually danced to (I Am The Sun and Live Is Life, notably) although nobody did. Sid from the Dream Disciples was doing a solo ambient set, with a guitar or bass and a sequenced/taped backing. Very pleasant. CJ turned up in due course, and I talked to him, Graham and Nik, before having a word with Sharon at the bar. This turned into an extended talk at the bar, until eventually Anna came over and demanded (with menaces) that we accompany her to some video game launch at the Venue that someone had two last spare tickets for.

Now, obviously free booze and burlesque dancers are not normally my scene, and in fact I usually consider that sort of thing morally repugnant. However, an evening spent in an ambient-industrial club had clearly corrupted my sense of ethics, so we agreed.

The place was absolutely stowed. The bash was using all three floors, which means that I wandered around two floors I'd not seen before. Downstairs there was older music - almost as soon as we got there Pump It Up came on, so I lost everybody while a stopped to listen to it. In a corner there were four or five machines with people playing what I assume was the game in question - something to do with driving cars and stuff exploding, as far as I can tell, and there was a bar and loads of folk dancing. After a few minutes I went on to try to find the bunch of folk I'd come with, and it took me a fair while. The ground floor - the only part I'd been to before, most recently to see ballboy - had a clubby, hiphopish disco and another free bar. I bumped into Roy (like, duh - if there's one person in this city I should have known to expect there it would be him) and got a drink (various lagers, kiddy drinks and Guinness - guess what I had?) and had a look upstairs.

The top floor seems to be a bit smaller than the ground floor but larger than the basement, and it was really dolled up, with coloured drapes around the walls and dancing girls (women dancing, in dancing-girl outfits. Burlesque dancers, for some value thereof. You know what I mean. Scanty but still decent) on a stage at the end. The music was slightly US/Vegas in feel - the first time I was up there they played One Piece At A Time, a song which always makes me smile, and later on, Johnny Cash's version of Personal Jesus. There were two or three casino tables too - Blackjack, Roulette and something else I didn't look at. I don't think people were actually playing for money, for the obvious legal reasons to do with casino licencing and membership, but those who partook seemed to enjoy themselves. I was disgusted, of course, and intend to discuss the shameful episode with Moira Knox as soon as poss (if she's still alive, of course - I actually have no idea).

Later I bumped into Sharon, Roy again, and the other people I'd come with. Anna was last, only coming into view after more than an hour as she searched the whole place for a toilet. A reggae sound system played on the ground floor, with a singer both attractive and talented, which was amusing while it lasted but not a patch on Zion Train (and not only because they didn't do a version of Babylon's Burning, either). I had a couple more drinks, spent a good while talking, and then a while avoiding someone I don't want to know, and then it was three, time to leave. It took a while to clear the place, and then I hung around for a couple of minutes to see if any of my mates were in evidence. They weren't so I trogged home. Between the hanging about and a twentyfive minute walk, I think it was about four when I got in.

A fun and interesting evening. If I'd liked the fairly mainstream music they were playing more than I do, I'm sure it would have been one hell of a party, and it was good fun as it was. Nice for the company (Rockstars?) to pay for my night out, too. And thanks, Anna, for dragging us down there.
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Ack. Yes, I did actually know that. Stupid mistake, now corrected. Thanks.
The tickets were courtesy of Alex who works for the company.
The game would have been the latest Grand Theft Auto.
It was an odd but good night in all.
AND I met my friend I haven't seen in years - a bigger bonus than the free booze !
Cheers. I didn't catch his name at the time.

an odd but good night

Indeed. I wouldn't want to do it everyw eek, but well worth being at once.

friend I haven't seen in years

Yes, courtesy of Alex who is a very nice and which I have only recently realised a very modest man, since knowing nothing about computer games I didn't know the first one was an international best seller and rockstar is such a huge company and Alex helped make it.