Misc (Sub/Lez/Light)

I went round to Lara and Seth's last night, to ogle their subwoofers. They currently have two on loan, the theory being that they'll buy one of them. I was probably spectacularly unhelpful, as I did my tedious-lowgrade-audiophile thing by sticking something fairly clean on to see how musical it sounded. Actually, the track it was an alternative to (something by NiN) had a one-note bassline, which is not the best test of a speaker's ability to hold a tune. Anyway, it was fun and they made me tea, and a copy of the 1000 hurts CD to replace the one that went walkies. Many thanks.

I didn't actually leave last thing, quite, so iI watched tylluan_dawell's copy of High Art. Very good, although while it has a very welcome appearance from Ally Sheedy, I notice they totally wasted Sarita Choudhury by only giving her two lines in the whole film. Not even enough to get a credit at the end.

The light this morning as I walked in had a strange yellow cast. Not like a golden sunrise, but a colder yellow with a hint of sulphur, like you see before a storm sometimes but from a mostly clear sky. It was coming at the usual low winter-morning angle, picking out all the details on the buildings. After arriving, I spent a couple of hours walking a postdoc through using the confocal. It's been fairly quiet since then, though.

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Especially if you're in a flat with neighbours directly underneath.

All loud tests to be performed tomorrow, I believe.
Yeah, it is one of our major worries. we are getting a font firing one which will hopefully stop some of the annoyance but it still makes me nervous.
Aye, it was quite a sunrise this morning. The whole world appeared golden. Could do with a few more like that.

Whilst I remember, there was an Albini interview on the World Service in the early hours of Thursday morning (finished at 3am fwiw). I only caught the end of it, but it sounded good - I'm planning on checking it out on streaming. Have to get myself set up to capture audio streams - I could do with several series of ISIHAC and other classic comedies on CD for parties and what-not.

You at Finsternis tonight? Auld Hoose beforehand?
Mind if I tag along? I was planning on doing finisternis but the better half has work to do and I probably couldn't be bothered going on my own.
Sure, yes. Sounds excellent.

I do love the way two individuals become a couple and then suddenly they only make up one complete person between them.
I've known couples to consider that they only have to buy one round between them -- though that's rare, and they were poor students. But then again, who wasn't? Or to only bring one bottle to a party. Always try to avoid that kind of behaviour myself ourselves.
Pretty much every morning this week has has a interesting sunrise, but yeah, this morning was kinda nice. My walk along melville drive to the bus stop in the mornings is like 'going into the light'. Which is nice.
I used to get a lovely view of Castle Rock in the autumn mornings. I never remembered to bring my camera, though.
That's an inspired title and deserves to be the name of a single/album. Perhaps the cover might feature nicely lit sub lesbians. Or something.
People like us can get a decent sense of speakers by listening to a record we love more than anything and seeing what it sounds like. This is why road crews soundcheck with the same damn tape every night.