It occurred to me this afternoon that I might have been making a big mistake recently. If I'm right, and I go on thinking so, it could make life a lot easier.

We'll see.

Interesting afternoon and evening - hopefully I'll get around to giving a more detailed version tomorrow, but it ended with a female workmate saying "You can't leave now - you have to take me home." I was suitably amused, but didn't fall into the trap of thinking that it meant what it might mean.

Bloody Finns. Can't take them anywhere.

Anyway, My city is more beautiful than your city.
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How cryptic and mysterious.

I'm half tempted to come up to Edinburgh simply to see what you say if *I* remind you you're supposed to be taking me home ;)
My city is more beautiful than your city.

No it's not.

Yours has a not-quite-dead-yet volcano, though, which is way cooler. And your city isn't stupidly flat.
And anyway, that's two extinct volcanoes. With another three in visual range.
Still not right, eh?

Maybe giving Bechtel all that money so they can mess things up abroad instead was actually a good move.
That, sir, dangerously resembles optimism, and I'll have none of it.

Besides, the Sox champeeenship will require some sort of cosmic balance to put everything right again. Multiple deaths when the I-93 tunnel implodes during rush hour should just about do it.
What What what?

Our city is beautiful espically at 8 in the morning this week.

It was absolutely wonderful from North Bridge just after dusk yesterday, too.
There's a fair, too, with the trees and a big wheel all lit up. And the usual floodlit art galleries and castle, of course. Oxford Castle's nowhere near as impressive.