Thrips in new groth room

That was a misprint. What, of course, it should have said is "Thrips in the new growth room". Clear as mud, eh? Somebody hasn't been following procedure, and now there's been a">thrips outbreak. It's all fun until someone gets hurt . . .

Also, many thanks to sclerotic_rings for pointing to this demonstration of why the seventies had to be abolished. Personally I'm going to avoid it, because I remember the seventies and have better things to do that achieve the sick realisation that the livingroom wallpaper we had in 1976 has been immortalised in print. There used to be a saying that the seventies were the decade that taste forgot, and having been there I can tell you that it's true. The eighties and nineties had their fashion disasters, but the seventies managed to be searingly ugly without apparently even being fun for those taking part. Truly the worst of both worlds.
I had a lovely purple/yellow/brown paisley in my childhood bedroom.
I understand your use of every word in that sentence except "lovely". I've always believed it meant something completely different.
Do you have fume cupboards? They get stuck to all the filters and when you turn it off they fall out like rain.
They probably do up there, but I only have fungal biologists around.

when you turn it off they fall out like rain.

I'll try to remember that if I'm ever tempted by botanty as a profession.
Forget the wallpaper, what about the shag carpeting? And who the hell thought calling it that was a good idea?