Oh. Mah. Gawd. That's a blast from the past. I still have "Skinny Dipping" sandwiched between the second Martha and the Muffins album and the first Max Webster. (Obscure Scots sandwiched between obscure Canadians...obscurity sarnie anyone?)

Good lord. On closer inspection, it's even signed by the band. I knew Dog Bite, a.k.a. Simon, on account of him being married to Eck's sister, who I used to go drinking with on a semi-regular basis.
Going to the guy's website, there's this page, which mentions a band with the uncouth name "Architects of Fear". Good god - does this mean that some of Andrew Wilson's stories are true after all?

Actually, I think I remember him telling me about the Kirkcaldy gig.

Anyway . . . Eck? The Eck? He's a sister? Good god. You'll be telling me hes's got parents next. I always thought he'd been hatched in a jam-jar.
Oh My. I remember those names too. ("Architects of Fear" and "Andrew Wilson". Confusingly, I think I knew two of the latter, one being Rod's brother.)

And yes...the Eck. Sister. Parents. (Two. One of each sex, at least on the surface. I met them a couple or three times. Nice people.) A granny, even.

I see Andrew "Architects/Nightcrawlers" Wilson most weeks. Still editing and writing. Had a story in a Hugo-nominated collection just this last year, i fact.
That's my mate Wee Johnny's page. He secretly put the various Architects demo tapes onto CD as a present for Andrew a few years ago. If you don't have a copy, let me know and I'll get you one.

You may not remember John; he was at -- Christ I've forgotten the name of the college; technical College out west? -- when we (me, Andrew, Tony, Steve, etc) were at EU. He and I used to come over from Balloch and then up from London for parties in the few years after that (late 80s/early 90s). So I'm fairly sure you've met him. He remembers you, though only with an "and Lara" suffix.

But: a page referring to the legendary Kirkcaldy gig: wow! I always wanted to hear The Alternative, as Andrew spoke very highly of them, but I never did.
I've got a copy of the Architects stuff, yes. Cheers, though. Actually, I've a pile of old 'Crawlers stuff I'm supposed to be listening to [FX: guilty look]

Yon bloke's pages have a lot of reviews of The Alternative. He sounds like quite a fan. I've only really ever heard of them spoken about, usually by Andrew.

John . . . there are so many Johns about. I'd maybe remember if I saw him, but not just from that, I'm afraid.

I quite understand about the Johns. There were four of them in my primary school class, one of whom was the one of whom we're speaking. He's also the one who got 'Teenage Kicks' played by Peel, that I wrote about. None of which will help you to remember him, of course.

He was often taking photographs at Architects and Nightcrawlers gigs, so you might have seen him then. Anyway, I should try to introduce the two of you some time, as I imagine you'd get on.
Of course, it has taken me this long to remember that you were actually at John's birthdey drinks in K Jacksons, back in January. Not sure whether you actually met him then, though.
Oh, that John. Yes, I'm pretty sure I'd know him again, then. Excellent.