Interesting Christmas present for someone

If you're looking for something unusual and have a large, budget, anyway.


On a different topic, does anyone know how the EUSA NUS referendum went? With staggering efficiency, the result doesn't seem to be on the front page of their webshite, which you'd have thought it would be by now. (Update - Yes, by 165 votes. Very low turnout (3400) including only 22 life members - more here)

One of the books I got for a quid at the book warehouse near where I lived in Cambridge was the second part (N-Z) of Peter Forrest's "The A-Z of analogue synthesisers". This book is a touch trainspotterish even for people who do play keyboards, but it was only a quid. More stuff than you could ever need to know about more synthesisers than you ever knew existed. "Harrison Ford once bought Warren Zevon an Oberheim - and knew how to operate it."
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Somebody please buy me the Oberheim... please...

Neither... Mr Ford has gone down in my estimation over the past 5 years and i don't really know Zevon to want to be him...

And i could never be a wannabe Reznor, his music is nice but i'm sure he thinks he's playing something else with his head shoved that far up his own arse ;)
Not sure you'd want to be Warren Zevon; he's a little dead these days. (sigh.)
It's really cool and I want it... except I can't play any musical instruments!
I didn't know anything about such a vote, and I'm still a life member of the Union (not having died since I thought it would be convenient to be able to use Teviot when I came back up here to work at Pharmacology).

But, NUS referendum? I thought we had that back in the seventies
when almost all the Scottish Universities seceded, but the intransigence of (I believe) Heriot-Watt and Stirling meant that the SUS was never set up....
It wasn't publicised off-campus.

EUSA's now back in. The disaffiliation referendum in '79 was followed by a reaffiliation referendum in '84, when it was decided not to.

I'm not very surprised. The No campaign's leaflets didn't really have any solid points to make.
Oh. A referendum on rejoining.... Makes somewhat more sense. And it's nice to see the KB/GS thing still going strong - again, back in my day the "so-distant" (wonderful example of a "Student" sub 'correcting' a typo) GS elite kept trying to take over KB, 'cos it had the only union that actually made a profit (to the extent that they had to keep repainting the bar and dropping prices to assuage the embarrassment). Of course, this may have been something to do with KBU being also open to staff at KB, who paid subscriptions at a somewhat higher level.

Then I came back to Edinburgh ten years ago, and the GS lot had one - to the extent that they were talking about closing KBU as it was losing money hand over fist....

So it goes.
KBU joined EUSA because it finally went bust as an independent entity. The Uni refused to bail it out separately but offered to fund the extension if there was a merger. I was still involved with it all at that point, y'see.
This actually sounds vaguely familiar - have we already had this conversation in a pubs omewhere, perhaps? Any idea how KBU went from having more money than they knew what to do with to going bust?

[Aargh - "one" above should be "won". I hate homonymic typos]
I don't know why that happened to KBU. Quite a turnaround, whatever it was.
Cheapest bar, best jukebox, as I recall (the only known one to have 'Gary Gillmore's Eyes', for example). It closed early in the evening (10:30 IIRC), an so was mainly only used at lunchtime and after exams; or at least, that was my experience.
Potterrow had a bloody good jukebox, especially after we managed to purge it of "Where do you go to my lovely".
I'd still like a Matrix-6 or an Xpander.

And a Prophet-V. And the synth that made that off-kilter Beltram noise - I think it's something tedious like an Ensoniq.
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It was a Roland Alpha Juno-01.

They've gone cheap, too. Blast.
Definite technolust on the Oberheim.

NUS Referendum, eh? Plus ca change...