Late for work again, but this time because a bloke came round to give the heating and cooker their yearly going-over. No problems, again, and he also told me what the output of the fire in the livingroom is (6.9kw) so I can compare it with whatever the threshold is for needing extra ventilation in that room. Not that I ever use it, of course.

Tomorrow, of course, is :-

punk - industrial - alternative - goth
sat 4th december : 9pm - 3am : £2 entry
non students welcome - bring ID

more info at...

So I expect you all to either be in the Park Room, or have a good excuse (nails to paint, planks to watch warp, that sort of thing) instead. If you have any requests, feel free to submit them here and I'll laughlisten attentively.
Sorry - been playing "Got No Soul" to the office pretty much every day recently. Will you people please stop jumping under my train? Ladies and gentlemen, there will be a slight delay, while we hose the blood away.
I see. It was "I was a suspect in the torching of the lies" for me. Not for any particualr reason, though. It just must be a CopShootCop kinda day.