Late for work again, but this time because a bloke came round to give the heating and cooker their yearly going-over. No problems, again, and he also told me what the output of the fire in the livingroom is (6.9kw) so I can compare it with whatever the threshold is for needing extra ventilation in that room. Not that I ever use it, of course.

Tomorrow, of course, is :-

punk - industrial - alternative - goth
sat 4th december : 9pm - 3am : £2 entry
non students welcome - bring ID

more info at...

So I expect you all to either be in the Park Room, or have a good excuse (nails to paint, planks to watch warp, that sort of thing) instead. If you have any requests, feel free to submit them here and I'll laughlisten attentively.
Fine, thanks. Temporary filling for two weeks to see whether the nerve calms down (it seems to be doing) or whether it's permanently damaged and needs to come out before the tooth's filled. I'm optimistic. On the other side, the shattered wisdom tooth needs to go, which is no surprise, and there's another small cavity developing that needs filled. He seemed happy with the state of my teeth overall, which is nice. Two appointments in a fortnight for the work to be done. First good night's sleep in a week last night.
No, it's fine. No problems. For the response to eight years of damage - including a fair period when I really wasnt taking care of myself at all - it's trivial.
Sorry - been playing "Got No Soul" to the office pretty much every day recently. Will you people please stop jumping under my train? Ladies and gentlemen, there will be a slight delay, while we hose the blood away.
I see. It was "I was a suspect in the torching of the lies" for me. Not for any particualr reason, though. It just must be a CopShootCop kinda day.
I have cheesey tarts to bake; does that count as a decent excuse? That, or the fact that I'm in MK?
I'd offer to send you an example of the tarts, to help with yuor decision, but I'm not sure it would arrive in good shape...
Indeed. And if it arrived an unrecognisable mess, it could do your case considerable harm
Do you do notable toast? I'll have you know that the toast up here is highly regarded, so if you want to impress you'd better hope that your is up to snuff. I have a wonderful recipe for Irish Toast somewhere . . .
My toast is not notable, but I'd like an excuse to use the mini blow-torch/soldering iron, which was given to me for the specific purpoes of cooking steak and addressing toast; I have cooked steak with it, but never got round to addressing any toast.

What is Irish toast?
Re: I'm sure I'm going to regret this, but...
OK. I'll post the recipe for Irish Toast over the weekend. It's from Eat, Drink and be Kinky, a collection of recipes collected by Mike McGovern for devotees of the work of Mr "Kinky" Friedman, a country musician, detective and novelist.